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Robert S. Jankovsky

NESC Chief Engineer at GRC

Mr. Jankovsky started his career at NASA Lewis Research Center, now Glenn Research Center, as a co-op student in 1987 where he supported advanced manufacturing of rocket engine components and the anchoring of nozzle performance codes at high area ratios. After his graduation from The University of Akron in 1989, Mr. Jankovsky continued to work on the advanced technology development activities for in-space rocket engine combustion devices. He subsequently transitioned to the On-Board Propulsion Branch and began to work spacecraft propulsion activities such as the use of new materials for higher performing radiation cooled thrusters and various electric propulsion technologies. In 2002, he was selected as Chief of the Electric Propulsion Branch where he led a team of propulsion engineers that supported a wide range of activities including NSTAR ion engine support to JPL for the DAWN mission, Jupiter Icy Moon Orbiter electric propulsion system development, and numerous other demonstrations of high power electric propulsion for both solar and nuclear powered spacecraft. In 2007, Mr. Jankovsky became the Chief of the Space Propulsion Branch where his responsibilities included ORION Service Module Main Propulsion and Reaction Control Propulsion sub-system IV&V activities, ORION Ascent Abort-1 Reaction Control System development, Altair ascent propulsion system design and analysis as well as other propulsion and cryogenic advanced development activities. In 2010, Mr. Jankovsky was selected as the Deputy Chief of the Mechanical and Fluid Systems Division at Glenn Research Center where he helped lead the organization and its work on propulsion systems, mechanisms, structural systems, fluid systems, and thermal systems. In 2014, Mr. Jankovsky was assigned as the Associate Chief for the newly formed Propulsion Division at Glenn Research Center where he was responsible for the integration of Glenn Research Center’s air-breathing and space propulsion activities where he remained until his selection to the NESC in 2015 as the Chief Engineer at Glenn Research Center.

Mr. Jankovsky holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Akron.