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Paul C. Schutte – NESC Academy Biography

Photo of Paul C. Schutte

Paul Schutte is a senior researcher in human factors and human-computer interaction at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA. He has a BS in Math (Mary Washington College), an MS in Computer Science (William and Mary), and an MS in Psychology (Virginia Commonwealth University). He has worked in Artificial Intelligence creating the fault-monitoring concept called Monitaur, which was part of the NASA Faultfinder AI system. He has led programs in Flight Deck Design and Integration under NASA’s High Speed Civil Transport Research (HSR), Error Proof Flight Deck Design, Single Pilot Operations and the Synergistic Unmanned/Manned Intelligent Teaming.  He is currently developing a an integrated, holistic, human-centered flight deck design called the Synergistic Allocation of Flight Expertise flight deck (SAFEdeck).