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Gregory J. Harrigan

NESC Principal Engineer

Mr. Harrigan currently serves as a Principal Engineer in the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC).  He previously served as NESC Associate Principal Engineer and held roles in the NASA Launch Services Program since 2006 that included dynamic environments analyst, and lead vehicle systems engineer. Prior to his career at NASA, he worked at Lockheed Martin Space Systems for the Titan IVB Program as a mechanical systems engineer leading integration, testing, and systems checkout of ground and launch vehicle systems.   

Since joining NESC in 2018, Mr. Harrigan has led innovative approaches to resolving a variety of difficult design and operational challenges for both launch vehicle and spacecraft projects across the Agency. Mr. Harrigan specializes in building and leading multi-discipline independent test and analysis assessments affecting a broad range of disciplines that include Pressure Vessels, Structures, Materials and Processes, Propulsion Systems, and Flammability.  He is a recognized leader in the Agency for his expertise in synthesizing complex and often conflicting data into new perspectives on flight risk that help ensure robust flight rationale and sound agency decisions.  Mr. Harrigan has served in key leadership roles for several mishap investigations that include the NASA OCO and GLORY mission failures, SpaceX F9-29 anomaly, Dragon C204 static fire explosion, Arecibo Observatory collapse, and the United Launch Alliance Centaur V structural test article explosion.  He also has extensive experience leading certification activities for NASA launch vehicles and human-rated spacecraft.

Mr. Harrigan has authored multiple technical papers, bulletins, and reports on topics such as the NESC independent investigation of the Arecibo Observatory collapse. He serves on the American Society for Testing and Materials G04 Committee on Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres and has lectured in the community on engineering topics such as systems engineering and failure investigation.  Mr. Harrigan’s notable awards include the NASA Space Flight Awareness team award, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) award for excellence, NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal, and the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal.

Mr. Harrigan holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and Master of Science degrees in Engineering Management and Civil Structural Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.