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Dr. Dorrit Billman – NESC Academy Biography

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Dr. Dorrit Billman is cognitive scientist, currently a Senior Research Associate at San Jose State University who works at NASA Ames, Human Systems Integration Division. She investigates how complex cognitive work can be trained and how work can be supported through automation and computer aides.  She has published and received grant funding on varied forms of complex learning, and is currently conduction research on training for generalization funded by NASA.  Her prior NASA human factors projects include analyzing the planning needs of the ISS Mission Control group responsible for attitude control (Attitude Control and Determination Control), assessing procedure automation software, and testing learnability of alternative flight-deck components. Previously, she served on the faculties of Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania, and then worked in human computer interface research at the Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise (ISLE) and PARC (Xerox).  She received her PhD in psychology from the University of Michigan.