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Diana Boles

Public Affairs, NASA

Information may be the raw material for the world’s news media, but making it possible to relay that information to their newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations is equally vital.

Diana Boles, through her knowledge of all of the various elements of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center support structure, spent many years as the primary NASA interface with international, national and local news media for fulfilling thousands of requests for such things as badging, working space, phone hook-ups, audio and video feeds and electrical power.

She also oversaw all of the details essential to keeping the Press Site operating in a way that was transparent to the media and staff. And when it was time to build a new structure to replace the old geodesic dome, it was Boles who represented Public Affairs at scores of meetings with construction, engineering and contractors from the design phase to the ribbon cutting.

Boles began her NASA career in Public Affairs in 1965 as a secretary and continued in that role through Apollo 11. From 1969 to 1974, she worked with the Kennedy educational programs branch when she moved to Illinois and worked with the Veterans Administrations until 1982.

In 1982, she returned to the Kennedy Space Center as secretary at the Press Site before being promoted to Public Affairs specialist for logistics. Born in Marion, Ill., she graduated from Marion High School and continued her education at Brevard Community College.

She retired from NASA in 1998 but returned to the Press Site as a contractor employee. She retired for a second time in 2003.