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Dan Harrison – NESC Academy Biography

Dan Harrison

Daniel Harrison is recently retired from a 35-year career with the NASA Johnson Space Center. He earned his bachelor of science double major in physics and mathematics from Northeastern Oklahoma University in 1974. After graduation, Mr. Harrison moved to Houston, Texas where he worked for Texas Electronic Instruments for four years before joining Lockheed as an electrical engineer until 1983. He started a video game company that produced a product for making backup copies of Atari 2600-compatible games. After returning to Lockheed in 1984, he created a Bubble Mass Memory for the Space Shuttle Program. In 1988, he became a NASA civil servant and worked as an Avionics engineer, project manager, section head, and branch chief before retiring in 2014. Besides working for NASA, Mr. Harrison published several articles including one on the new Lunar Rover prototype that he managed. He also created a scan tool company for products for cars, light trucks, and heavy trucks (i.e., 18 wheelers). He currently resides in Houston, but spends considerable time at his small ranch in central Texas.