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Chris Mckay

Chris McKay

Sr. Scientist


Phone: (650)604-6864

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Ph.D. in AstroGeophysics from the University of Colorado in 1982

Research Interests

My research focuses on the evolution of the solar system and the origin of life. I’m also actively involved in planning for future Mars missions including human exploration. I have been involved with polar and desert research, traveling to the Antarctic Dry Valleys, the Atacama Desert, the Arctic, and the Namib Desert to conduct research in these Mars-like environments.

Select Publications

Mellon, M.T., McKay, C.P. and Grant, J.A., 2022. Thermal conductivity of planetary regoliths: The effects of grain-size distribution. Icarus, p.115211.

Xia, Z., Patchin, M., McKay, C.P. and Drndić, M., 2022. Deoxyribonucleic Acid Extraction from Mars Analog Soils and Their Characterization with Solid-State Nanopores. Astrobiology. 22(8), 992-1008.

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Awards and Others

1981 United States Antarctic Service Medal

1989 Urey Prize of the Division of Planetary Sciences

2004 NASA Exceptional Leadership Medal

2005 NASA Ames Honor Award – Mentor

2005 Int. Soc Study Origin Life Fellow

2006 Am. Geophys Union Fellow

2012 NASA Presidential Rank Award

2015 Nevada Medal

2019 National Space Grant Distinguished Service Award

2021 NASA Presidential Rank Award