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Bob Granath

Lockheed Martin/USA/NASA Press Site

When Lockheed Martin Space Operations was awarded NASA’s Shuttle Processing Contract in 1983, Granath was editor and principal writer for the company’s award-winning company newspaper, the Star Gazer. Beginning in 1994, he served as the company’s contact person for inquiries from local and national news organizations as chief of Media Relations.

After transitioning to United Space Alliance in 1996, Granath continued in similar roles creating, designing, and writing products to promote achievements in human spaceflight. He was responsible for conveying the value of the space shuttle and International Space Station programs through educational presentations for schools, community groups, and the news media.

Following the end of the Space Shuttle Program, in 2012, Granath joined the Abacus Technology and, later, the ASRC Federal writers’ group at the Press Site supporting NASA Communications by writing and editing content for features, video, and multimedia presentations – especially those focusing on NASA’s history.

Since retirement in 2019, Granath continues supporting the agency’s mission as a docent at Kennedy, and he continues to write feature articles on historic efforts to explore space on his website