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Portrait of Scott Graham with U.S. and NASA flags in the background.

Scott R. Graham

Acting Deputy Director, Space Flight Systems Directorate

Scott R. Graham is the associate director of the Space Flight Systems Directorate at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. In this position, he is responsible for many of the personnel and staffing activities within the directorate and supports the director and deputy director in managing directorate operations.  

Prior to his current appointment, Graham served as chief of the Launch Systems Project Office, where he directed Glenn’s activities supporting Ares I, Ares I-X and Ares V for the Constellation Program. He also served one year at NASA Headquarters as part of the agency’s Professional Development Program, where he assisted with the agency’s nuclear propulsion technology program, and other space technology efforts.  

Graham began his NASA career in 1982, initially as a rocket propulsion researcher and then as a propulsion and cryogenics systems engineer working on Atlas-Centaur and Shuttle-Centaur launch vehicles, where he supported several launch operations. In the 1990s, he became a supervisor serving as chief of the Exploration Integration Branch within the Advanced Space Analysis Office, leading much of the center’s involvement with the agency’s lunar and Mars exploration initiatives and studies. 

Graham graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Since, he has received numerous individual awards, special service awards and other honors. Graham is a member of the National Space Society and the Planetary Society. He is also very active with Boy Scouts and serves on his church’s leadership council.