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John L. Evans sits in front of American Flag to pose for photo.

John L. Evans

Chief Information Officer

John L. Evans

John L. Evans serves as the chief information officer (CIO) at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. As CIO, Evans leads the center’s information technology (IT) initiatives in direct support of the center’s research and engineering business. Directing IT services across Lewis Field in Cleveland and Neil Armstrong Test Facility in Sandusky, he guides a management team that delivers a portfolio of locally managed, enterprise, and shared services. He also leads an IT workforce that provides infrastructure services, information services and applications, and robust IT security capabilities.

The Office of the CIO (OCIO) strives to deliver responsive, reliable, and innovative information technology that enables NASA’s missions and creates a stronger center. Evans guides the center’s IT investments and ensures that its services and security align with federal and legal standards.

Prior to this position, Evans served as the acting CIO for Glenn, as well as the center CIO liaison to Network and Telecommunications Services (NaTS), creating and ensuring consistent and transparent communication between the center CIOs and NaTS.

Evans has served at NASA for more than 22 years in numerous capacities and within numerous organizations. He began his career at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, as a web and database developer until he joined the supervisor ranks as branch head for the Data Center and Applications Development Branch. When the branch consolidated with the Network and Cybersecurity Branch, he led the combined branches. While serving in that capacity, he consolidated numerous server rooms and data centers into a single data center. He ensured the newest data center in the agency — the Katherine Johnson Computational Research Facility —­­ met the current and future needs of the center and agency.

Evans served as Langley’s deputy CIO until he explored a different career path and spent five years in the Center Operations Directorate at Langley as the deputy for revitalization. There, he led the master planning and construction of numerous facilities as part of its ViTAL program. He gained experience in strategic planning and the implementation of long-term projects with numerous large elements in different phases of completion. 

When Evans returned to the OCIO as the deputy CIO at Langley, he was integral to the planning and implementation of the Mission Support Future Architecture Program through leading the organizational structure team.