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Andrew Pohorille

Principal Investigator


Phone: (650)604-5759

Professional Biography

• 1996-Present, Research Scientist, Exobiology Branch, NASA-Ames Research Center • 1992-Present, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of California, San Francisco • 1984-1992, Assistant and Associate Research Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley. • 1999-Present, Director, the NASA Center for Computational Astrobiology and Fundamental Biology, NASA-Ames Research Center • 1998-Present, Co-Investigator, NASA-Ames project in NAI • 1986-Present, Principal Investigator, NASA Exobiology Program • Co-author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications in chemistry, biophysics, and astrobiology


Ph.D. (cum laude), Department of Physics, University of Warsaw (jointly in physics and structural biology)
M.S. (cum laude), Department of Physics, University of Warsaw

Select Publications

New, M. H. and Pohorille, A. (2000), An Inherited Efficiencies Model of non-genomic evolution. Simulation Practice and Theory 8, 99-108.

Chipot, C., Maigret, B. and Pohorille, A. (1999) Early events in the folding of an amphipatic peptide: a multinanosecond molecular dynamics study. Proteins: Struct. Funct. Gen. 36, 383-399.

Pohorille A. and Deamer, D. (2001) Artificial cells: Prospects for biotechnology, Trends Biotechnol., 20:123-128.

Pohorille, A., From molecules in space to the origin of life and back, Adv. Space Sci., in press.

Pohorille, A. and Wilson, M. A. Membrane peptides and their role in protobiological evolution, Orig. Life Evol. Biosphere, in press.

Awards & Other

NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal, 2002
NASA Group Award for the Astrobiology Team, 2000