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Alan R. Leveille – NESC Academy Biography

Independent Bearing Consultant  (1998 – present)

Bearing consultant providing analysis and independent assessment to bearing applications that usually involve mechanisms designed for long-term space based applications.  Clients include JPL, NASA, NRL and commercial organizations.   

A  principal investigator of a government sponsored program which designed and built breadboard CMG’s to operate up to 40,000 RPM.  Participant in the International Space Station CMG failure study and in 2010 received an NESC Engineering Excellence Award for work related to the International Space Station Urine Processing Assembly-Distillation Assembly bearing failures.  A co-author of an EHD measurement study that was the recipient of the Dr. George G. Herzl Outstanding Paper at the 39th Aerospace Mechanism Symposium

The Aerospace Corporation   1977 –  1998 (retired)

Responsible for providing senior leadership and technical support in the areas of bearing design, analysis and testing.  Participation in industry wide working groups.

The Barden Corporation Precision Bearing Division 1972 – 1977

Various management and senior technical positions in R&D, Product Development, Marketing and Production

New Departure Division, GMC 1960 to July 1966

Supervisor, Bearing Development & Contract Research 


BEME and MEME Yale University


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