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OTPS About Us

The Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy (OTPS) was established in November 2021 within the Office of the NASA Administrator to work transparently in collaboration across NASA and with the broader space community to provide NASA senior leadership with a trade space of data- and evidence-driven options to inform the most consequential decisions about NASA’s future.

OTPS brings together diverse, multidisciplinary experts to provide NASA leadership with analytic, strategic, and decisional insights in the form of quick-turn analyses, memos, and reports. OTPS also conducts numerous activities that include conducting tabletop exercises, hosting informal discussion sessions, participating in chartered interagency working groups, and funding external research opportunities.  

Home to NASA’s agency chief technologist and agency chief economist, OTPS leverages its core capabilities in the areas of technology, policy, and economics to identify emerging issues and opportunities that are core to how NASA meets its missions, furthers NASA’s interests, and supports strategic national priorities. 

Given these unique areas of expertise, OTPS operates under a moral imperative to bolster analytical capabilities and improve policy literacy for the existing and future NASA workforce through various programs and opportunities.

OTPS Values

Building on NASA’s core values of safety, integrity, teamwork, excellence, and inclusion, OTPS adopted the following values to guide our office culture and guiding principles:

  • Customer Focus: OTPS provides objective, evidence-driven analyses to drive technology, policy, and strategy decisions through focused projects with defined questions and deliverables that are responsive to the needs of NASA’s leaders.
  • Focus on the Future: We deliver analyses on emerging issues that will profoundly impact NASA across multiple time horizons and help shape the future of space exploration.
  • Collaboration: Our diverse team of experts in technology, policy, economics, and strategy work in partnership with each other, NASA mission directorates, centers, and the broader space community including industry, NGOs, and international partners.
  • Transparency: We include relevant stakeholders at all stages of our work process. When our final deliverables are complete, we commit to sharing our work as broadly as possible. [EMG1] 
  • Growth Mindset: All OTPS team members can contribute to NASA’s goals and develop professionally, display leadership, grow their skills, and engage with the external space community.