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OTPS About Us

The Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy (OTPS) was created in November 2021 within the Office of the NASA Administrator to work transparently in collaboration across NASA and with the broader space community to provide NASA leadership with a trade space of data- and evidence-driven options to develop and shape NASA policy, strategy, and technology.

In his letter to the Chair of the Congressional Committees on Appropriations requesting the creation of the office, Administrator Bill Nelson wrote that “Establishment of OTPS within the Office of the Administrator …will enable a more focused leadership on technology, strategy, and policy.” He also noted that OTPS will “serve as the NASA Administrator’s advisor on strategic engagement in key areas to align Mission and Agency-level activities, supported by assessments to inform NASA senior leadership.”

The letter also conveyed to Congress that OTPS will “continue to serve as the NASA Administrator’s principal advisor and advocate on matters concerning agency wide technology policy and programs, including advocacy for NASA research and technology programs through communication and integration with technology efforts being conducted by other Federal agencies.”

NASA Procedural Requirements note that OTPS and its Associate Administrator are responsible for:

  1. Developing and shaping agency policy in response to Administration direction, as well as coordinating strategy across the agency, in support of the Administrator;
  2. Providing data and evidence-driven advice to NASA leadership to assure an integrated enterprise approach to technology, policy, and strategy;
  3. Supporting and promoting the Administration’s and NASA leadership’s top policy agenda and priorities, providing special studies as needed;
  4. Maintaining awareness of critical emerging issues, both internal and external to the agency

The office is led by Associate Administrator Charity Weeden and includes NASA’s Chief Technologist A.C. Charania. The office comprises about 30 staff including permanent staff and detailees from NASA centers, mission directorates, federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs), other government agencies, and imbedded contractors.

OTPS Mandate and Overview Presentation