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James Webb Space Telescope – Video and Image Gallery


Webb Videos/B-Roll:

  1. Webb Gallery
  2. Webb Media Resource Beauty Shot Reel
  3. Webb Media Resource B-Roll & Time-Lapse Reel
  4. Webb Global Contributor Map
  5. Webb Animation Gallery
  6. Webb Stowing and Folding Video
  7. Webb Primary Mirror Wing Deployment Beauty Shots Video
  8. Webb Primary Wing Deployment Time-Lapse Video
  9. Webb Folding Mirrors Video
  10. Webb Sunshield Deployment Beauty Shots Video
  11. Webb Fully Assembled Observatory Video
  12. Webb Integration Beauty Shots Video
  13. Webb and Hubble Mirror Comparison Animation
  14. Folding Webb to fit inside Ariane 5 Rocket Animation

Webb Photo Galleries:

Featured Photos - Chris Gunn
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Most Recent Webb Images from the Northrop Grumman Cleanroom

Highlighted Images:

Newest! Webb at Northrop Grumman
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Webb Mirror

Webb’s Golden Mirror Wings Open One Last Time on Earth

Technician checking out the mirror

Tight close-up of Webb telescope mirror

Technicians in cleanroom working on Webb mirror

Primary Mirror Deployment

Webb mirror fully deployed with technician nearby

Webb mirror piece coming into place

Showing how the Webb mirror folds               

Primary mirror fully deployed

Full front beauty shot of James Webb Space Telescope

Sunshield Deployment

Five folds of the sunshield being deployed

Full shot of sunshield successfully deployed

Sunshield being folded back into place

Technician carefully folding sunshield

Electrical components of the Webb telescope

Webb Integration

Illustrating how Webb folds up

Webb mirrors folding – VIEW FROM SIDE

Folding Webb mirrors – VIEW OPPOSITE SIDE