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Mission: Commercial Communications Satellites (ANIK C-3)/Satellite Business Systems (SBS-C)
Space Shuttle: Columbia
Launch Pad: 39A
Launched: Nov. 11, 1982 at 7:19:00 a.m. EST
Landing Site: Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
Landing: Nov. 16, 1982 at 6:33:26 a.m. PST
Runway: 22
Rollout Distance: 9,553 feet
Rollout Time: 63 seconds
Revolution: 82
Mission Duration: 5 days, 2 hours, 14 minutes and 26 seconds
Returned to KSC: Nov. 22, 1982
Orbit Altitude: 184 nautical miles
Orbit Inclination: 28.5 degrees
Miles Traveled: 2.1 million

Crew Members

                    STS-5 Shuttle Crew Photograph

Image above: STS-5 Crew photo with Commander Vance D. Brand, Pilot Robert F. Overmyer and Mission Specialists Joseph P. Allen and William B. Lenoir. Image Credit: NASA

Mission Highlights

STS-5 Mission Patch This first shuttle operational mission deployed two commercial communications satellites, ANIK C-3 for TELESAT Canada and SitS-C for Satellite Business Systems. Each satellite was equipped with a Payload Assist Module-D (PAM-D) solid rocket motor, which fired about 45 minutes after deployment, placing each satellite into a highly elliptical orbit. One Get Away Special and three Shuttle Student Involvement Program (SSIP) experiments were conducted. The first scheduled space walk of the shuttle program was canceled due to a malfunction of the space suit.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center