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Skylab program official emblem with image of Skylab and Earth and sun in background


Occurred 44 years ago

Skylab, America's first space station, provided a detailed study of our planet from the incomparable vantage of orbit. Skylab served as the greatest solar observatory of its time, a microgravity lab, a medical lab, an Earth-observing facility, and, most importantly, a home away from home for its residents.

Mission Type

Space Station




May 14, 1973


July 11, 1979

Part I – The History of Skylab

From its launch on May 14, 1973, until the return of its third and final crew on Feb. 8, 1974, the Skylab program proved that humans can live and work in outer space for extended periods of time.

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Skylab with earth in background
On February 8, 1974, Skylab’s final manned mission (Skylab 4) left behind America’s first space station after a stay of 84 days.
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