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The Skylab 2 mission patch

Skylab 2

Occurred 51 years ago

The first crew to the Skylab space station, launched on May 25, 1973, had an added responsibility for their mission: save Skylab!

Mission Type

Space Station


Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr., Joseph P. Kerwin, Paul J. Weitz


May 25, 1973


June 22, 1973

Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr.

Mission Commander

In September of 1962, Mr. Conrad was selected as an astronaut by NASA. His first flight was Gemini V, which established the space endurance record and placed the United States in the lead for man-hours in space. As commander of Gemini XI, Mr. Conrad helped to set a world’s altitude record. He then served as commander of Apollo XII, the second lunar landing. On Conrad’s final mission, he served as commander of Skylab 2.

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Astronaut Pete Conrad prepares for launch at Kennedy Space Center
Pete Conrad suits up for his flight to Skylab on May 25, 1973.
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