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Ellington Field

The Johnson Space Center offers capabilities in mission planning, crew training, flight product generation, and real-time operational support in the Mission Control Center.

WB-57F jet

The mission operations team enables the men and women living and working aboard the ISS to achieve their mission goals and to fly safely.  The next generation of mission operations will include deep space travel beyond Low Earth Orbit, into Cislunar space, and onto Mars. This technical excellence is built upon a leadership culture, which provides integration of complex tasks, makes critical risk trades in safety, mission success, cost and schedule, and partners with industry to deploy innovative solutions to mitigate redesigns and ensure operable spacecraft systems.

Planning Capabilities

Timelines, Flight, and Trajectories

Monitoring System Parameters

Design for Operations Considerations

Training Capabilities

Flight Crews for Spacewalks

Spaceflight Simulation Systems

Flight Capabilities

Real-Time Spaceflight Anomaly Risk Analysis

Spacecraft Control Systems for Mission Control

Worldwide Spacecraft Communications Network

Flight Procedures and Check List

Flight Capabilities

Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Spacecraft Motion-Based Simulator

Spacecraft Fixed-Based Simulator

Single Systems Trainer Simulators

Space Station Training Facility

Space Vehicle Mockup Facility

Mission Control Center Facility