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A view from Skylab's airlock hatch, looking down the length of the orbiting workshop. Skylab has a hexagon shape, with metal mesh floors that you can see through. Equipment lines the walls, and at center, two astronauts, Edward G. Gibson (left, in a white t-shirt) and Jerry P. Carr (right, in a brown t-shirt) smile for the camera. Also in frame are parts of three spacesuits.

A View Through Skylab

A 35mm camera, operated by astronaut William R. Pogue, Skylab 4 pilot, recorded this wide scene of his Skylab 4 crewmates on the other end of the orbital workshop. Astronauts Jerry P. Carr (right), commander, and Edward G. Gibson, science pilot, pose for the snapshot. Also in the frame are parts of three Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) spacesuits, used on several EVA sessions during the third manning of the Skylab space station.

Image Credit: NASA / William R. Pogue

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