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Two fair-skinned men stand facing the camera with their arms crossed over their chests. The man on the left is wearing a dark sweatshirt with a white text label on the left breast. He has shoulder-length curly brown hair and is wearing a navy New York Yankees baseball cap. The man on the right is wearing a white button-down shirt and a white undershirt. He has short, dark brown hair and is wearing wire-rimmed glasses. They stand in front of a laboratory-style workspace, with many plants and machines in the background.

CO2 Conversion Challenge (2020)

CO2 Conversion Challenge (2020) – NASA’s Centennial Challenges has an impact far greater than just space travel – just ask Air Co., a Brooklyn-based company that competed and won a three-way tie in the CO2 Conversion Challenge, which ran from 2018 to 2021. Air Co. founders Gregory Constantine (left) and Stafford Sheehan (right) used their innovative idea, which originally existed to convert carbon dioxide into glucose, to create immediately usable hand sanitizer at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Air Co.