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Earth is a deep blue backdrop to this photo of astronaut David Scott and the command module and lunar module of the Apollo 9 mission. The joined modules are a metallic silver. He stands in the open hatch of the command module while wearing a white spacesuit. A metallic visor tops his red helmet.

Apollo 9 Astronaut David Scott’s Spacewalk

Excellent view of the docked Apollo 9 command and service modules (CSM) and lunar module (LM), with Earth in the background, during astronaut David R. Scott's stand-up spacewalk, on the fourth day of the Apollo 9 Earth-orbital mission. Scott, command module pilot, is standing in the open hatch of the command module. Astronaut Russell L. Schweickart, lunar module pilot, took this photograph of Scott from the porch of the LM. Inside the LM was astronaut James A. McDivitt, Apollo 9 commander.

Image Credit: NASA/Russell L. Schweickart

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