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Teacher in Space Christa McAuliffe on the KC-135 for zero-G training

S86-25192 (January 1986) --- Two payload specialists in training for the STS-51L mission, and a payload specialist from STS-61C share a ?zero-gravity? flight aboard a KC-135 aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico. Left to right are United States Representative Bill Nelson (Democrat, Florida), Sharon Christa McAuliffe, and Barbara R. Morgan. The congressman is a payload specialist for the STS-61C mission. McAuliffe is the prime payload specialist for the Teacher-in-Space Project aboard the STS-51L mission; and Morgan is her backup. The photo was taken by Keith meyers of the New York Times. EDITOR?S NOTE: The STS-51L crew members lost their lives in the space shuttle Challenger accident moments after launch on Jan. 28, 1986 from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Photo credit: NASA