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Apollo-Soyuz Mission Patch


S74-17843 (March 1974) --- This is the official emblem of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project chosen by NASA and the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The joint U.S.-USSR space mission is scheduled to be flown in July 1975. Of circular design, the emblem has the words Apollo in English and Soyuz in Russian around a center disc which depicts the two spacecraft docked together in Earth orbit. The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project will be carried out by a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft and a U.S. Apollo spacecraft which will rendezvous and dock in orbit. Soyuz and Apollo will remain docked for as long as two days in which period, the three Apollo astronauts will enter Soyuz and the two Soyuz cosmonauts will visit Apollo via a docking module. The Russian word "soyuz" means "union" in English.