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KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- With sunrise just minutes away, the orbiter Columbia swoops down on KSC’s Shuttle Landing Facility, Runway 33. The 33rd KSC landing in Shuttle program history is set to occur on the first opportunity Dec. 7 at 6:49 a.m. EST. Prior landing attempts Dec. 5 and 6 were scrubbed due to weather conditions. The extended time aloft allowed the five- member crew of Mission STS-80 to set a new record for long-duration Shuttle flight. At main gear touchdown, mission duration will be about 17 days, 16 hours, surpassing the 16-day, 21-hour set by the STS-78 crew earlier this year. Guiding Columbia onto the runway is STS-80 Commander Kenneth D. Cockrell; the pilot is Kent V. Rominger. The three mission specialists are Tamara E. Jernigan, Thomas D. Jones and Story Musgrave