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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- At NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, space shuttle Discovery's STS-133 astronauts, dressed in their orange launch-and-entry suits, wave to news media representatives and other spectators as they walk out of the Operations and Checkout Building towards the Astrovan, which will transport them to Launch Pad 39A. From back row left, are Mission Specialists Nicole Stott, Michael Barratt, middle row left, Mission Specialists Alvin Drew and Steve Bowen; front row left, Pilot Eric Boe; and Commander Steve Lindsey. Discovery and its six-member crew will deliver the Permanent Multipurpose Module, packed with supplies and critical spare parts, as well as Robonaut 2, the dexterous humanoid astronaut helper, to the International Space Station. Discovery, which will fly its 39th mission, is scheduled to be retired following STS-133. This will be the 133rd Space Shuttle Program mission and the 35th shuttle voyage to the space station. For more information on the STS-133 mission, visit Photo credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett