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This is a digitally generated image mockup that shows three people outside a 3D-printed habitat on what is meant to look like the surface of Mars. The three subjects are wearing space suits and are walking around the rocky terrain with the habitat in the center of the image. The habitat is angular, with triangular openings and a vehicle affixed to a hatch on the left side. Rocky mountains are in the background, set against an orange-ish, dusty sky.


3D-Printed Habitat Challenge (2018) – This digital mockup was created by Team SEArch+/Apis Cor, which shows astronauts outside of what a 3D-printed habitat could look like on Mars. The New York-based team used regolith construction as their main focal point, as it allows benefits like shielding residents from radiation and protecting them from the harsh Martian elements.

Image Credit: Rendered by Team SEArch+/Apis Cor