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This is a digitally generated image mockup that shows three people inside a 3D-printed habitat. The subjects are wearing blue jumpsuits and are surrounded by white cabinetry and shelves in a circular room with a staircase ascending the back wall. A large plant grows in a clear enclosure on one of the shelves and sets of white gloves hang underneath. One of the subjects, a woman with long, dark brown hair, is kneeling on the floor as she tinkers with a small robot-like mechanism. Another subject, who has short dark hair, lays on the floor with their back to the camera as they hold a mechanism and type on a computer. The third subject, a man with long dark hair tied in a low bun, films the other two with a complex set of cameras.

3D-Printed Habitat Challenge (2018)

3D-Printed Habitat Challenge (2018) – This digital mockup was created by Team AI. SpaceFactory, which shows how people could live, work, and play in a 3D-printed habitat on the Moon or Mars. The New York-based team took first place in the final challenge, earning a prize of $500,000.

Image Credit: Rendered by Team AI. SpaceFactory