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Four men and one woman surround a 3D-printed dome. The dome is being durability-tested using sandbags and the weight of one of the men, who is dressed in a gray work jumpsuit and is raising his arms in victory. The other four team members clap and look happy with the results of the durability test. The team is inside a warehouse-like structure with high ceilings. A white and blue Penske cargo truck is parked behind the team. Next to the team is an orange mechanical arm.

3D-Printed Habitat Challenge (2017)

3D-Printed Habitat Challenge (2017) – Members of the Pennsylvania State University 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge team test the durability of their design at the Caterpillar Inc. Edwards Demonstration and Learning Center in Edwards, Illinois. Their dome structure won second place in the Phase 2: Level 3 competition, earning them a $150,000 prize.

Image Credit: NASA