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Artemis Teams Install Emergency Escape Baskets at NASA Kennedy

Teams with NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems Program began installing the four emergency egress baskets at Launch Pad 39B in preparation for NASA’s Artemis II crewed mission at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In the event of an emergency at the pad during the launch countdown, these baskets, similar to gondolas on ski lifts, will take the astronauts and pad personnel safely from the mobile launcher to the base of the pad where emergency transport vehicles will drive them away.  Following installation, teams will thoroughly test the baskets by placing water tanks filled at different levels to help simulate the different weights of the passengers and releasing them. Once the basket testing is complete, teams will perform an emergency egress demonstration with the Artemis II crew to practice the route the astronauts will take during an emergency. The emergency egress system is one of several new systems and upgrades being installed in support of safety for crewed Artemis missions. To see more of the egress basket installations, click here.

Image Credit: NASA/Isaac Watson