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ALBus CubeSat will Demonstrate Power Technology

Advanced Electrical Bus (ALBus) CubeSat
CubeSat, which will launch next year, will demonstrate power management in microgravity.

As time progresses, technology advances and shrinks. Computers, once the size of an entire room, are now hand-held devices; satellites are no different. Naia Butler-Craig, a systems engineer intern at NASA Glenn, is working on assembling and testing the Advanced Electrical Bus (ALBus) CubeSat, a 3-unit CubeSat that weighs less than four kilograms and is the size of a loaf of bread. CubeSats provide scientists and technologists a cost-effective alternative for space investigations and technology demonstration missions.

The ALBus CubeSat, scheduled to launch early next year, is a pathfinder technology demonstration for high power density CubeSats. The mission will demonstrate power management and distribution of 100 watts of electrical power to a target load, system performance of a high power density CubeSat and successful deployment of solar arrays and antennas using resettable shape memory alloy mechanisms.

Feature: Heather O’Dell

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NASA/ Bridget Caswell, Alcyon Technical Services