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Preparations for Next Moonwalk Simulations Underway (and Underwater)

2013 Class of NASA Astronaut Candidates
The eight-member 2013 class of NASA astronaut candidates poses for a group portrait.

JSC2013-E-076217 (20 Aug. 2013) — Standing in front of an Orion mock-up in the Johnson Space Center’s Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility, the eight-member 2013 class of NASA astronaut candidates, poses for a group portrait during a special media-day event on Aug. 20, 2013. From left to right are Tyler N. (Nick) Hague, Andrew R. Morgan, Jessica U. Meir, Christina M. Hammock, Nicole Aunapu Mann, Josh A. Cassada, Anne C. McClain and Victor J. Glover. Photo credit: NASA