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Columbia NASA Press Releases

Below are NASA press releases related to the STS-107 flight, accident, recovery efforts, and memorials. These press releases may also be found at

February 1, 2003 NASA Asks For Help With Columbia Investigation
February 1, 2003 NASA Press Conference Announced
February 1, 2003 NASA Statement on Loss of Communications With Columbia
February 1, 2003 Statement By Administrator O’Keefe
February 2, 2003 Handle Shuttle Debris With Caution
February 2, 2003 NASA Announces CAIB
February 2, 2003 NASA Announces Procedure For Filing Damage Claims
February 2, 2003 NASA Memorial Service Scheduled at JSC
February 2, 2003 NASA Press Conferences Announced
February 2, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Accident Briefings Scheduled
March 5, 2003 New Members Added to the CAIB
March 12, 2003 Media Invited to Visit Columbia Recovery Operations Base
March 21, 2003 NASA Columbia Accident Support Activities Reorganized
March 25, 2003 Primary Search for Columbia Material Passes Halfway Mark
March 28, 2003 NASA Expresses Concern and Condolences for Helicopter Crew
April 8, 2003 Next Shuttle Crew Visits Columbia Debris Searchers in East Texas
April 15, 2003 NASA, USDA & Forest Service Leaders Visit Columbia Debris Searchers
April 26, 2003 East Texas Columbia Recovery Search Nears Completion
April 22, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial Approved for Arlington
May 2, 2003 Searcher, Volunteer Efforts Praised As Columbia Debris Recovery Concluded in East Texas
May 5, 2003 UPDATED TIMES: Columbia Debris Recovery Packages
June 6, 2003 New Columbia Tribute Announced
June 10, 2003 Administrator’s Remarks Columbia Point Mountain Peak Named to Honor Fallen Comrades
June 11, 2003 Return to Flight Task Group
June 12, 2003 Bolt Catcher Images
June 13, 2003 Former Apollo and Shuttle Commanders Lead Columbia Accident Report Task Force
June 24, 2003 New Space Shuttle Columbia Images Released
July 9, 2003 Navy Recognizes Columbia Astronaut
July 21, 2003 Space Shuttle Mission Management Team Transcripts to Be Released
July 25, 2003 NASA Names Return to Flight Group Members
July 28, 2003 Return to Flight Task Group Biographies
August 1, 2003 Stafford-Covey Task Force Group Holds First Public Meeting
August 4, 2003 NASA Officials Brief Media About Human Space Flight
August 6, 2003 Asteroids Dedicated to Space Shuttle Columbia Crew
August 15, 2003 NASA and Navy Sign Memorandum of Agreement
August 25, 2003 NASA Administrator Addresses CAIB Initial Findings
August 26, 2003 CAIB Press Conference Transcript
August 26, 2003 NASA Administrator Accepts Columbia Accident Report
August 27, 2003 Transcript of NASA Update with Scott Hubbard and Sean O’Keefe
August 27, 2003 A Statement from the Family of Columbia Astronaut Dave Brown
September 3, 2003 NASA Officials Hold First Return To Flight Status Briefing
September 5, 2003 NASA Sponsors Return To Flight Media Workshop
September 8, 2003 Return to Flight Task Group Leader Meets With Media
January 6, 2004 Space Shuttle Columbia Crew Memorialized on Mars