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On Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021, the website will be decommissioned and taken offline. 

For information about opportunities to see the International Space Station as it passes over your city, visit Spot the Station.

For current information on the International Space Station, visit

For imagery and videos from all of NASA’s programs, visit

For historical information on the Space Shuttle Program, visit the Space Shuttle mission archive. 

For historical information on other NASA programs, visit and

Updated ISS trajectory information will be made available as a CCSDS Orbital Ephemeris Message (OEM) in the Mean of J2000 (J2K) reference system. Included in the OEM are a sequence of events with ISS maneuver details (in the comment section), predicted post-maneuver state vectors, predicted coasting state vectors at 4-minute intervals, and ISS ballistic details. OEMs are provided in .xml and .txt formats at the following links:

The above links are permanent links to the most current posted ISS ephemeris data. Older archived ephemeris data can be found by searching on