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Space Omics and Medical Atlas (SOMA) Package

Nighttime view of the Earth from the ISS

June 11, 2024 – The Space Omics and Medical Atlas (SOMA) package, the largest-ever collection of data for aerospace medicine and space biology, was publicly released on Tuesday! This monumental achievement was made possible through the collaborative efforts of over 100 institutions from more than 25 countries.

Of the total 44 publications in the SOMA package, 32 of them feature at least one member of our Ames Space Biosciences Division team. This is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to the dedication and expertise of our Open Science Data Repository (OSDR) team and other Space Biosciences researchers.

Congratulations to our OSDR Team members, Analysis Working Group (AWG) members, and Ames scientists for their historic scientific endeavor and invaluable contribution. Their hard work has brought the Ames Space Biosciences Division to the forefront of aerospace and space biology research.

Their efforts have made an indelible mark on the field, and we are incredibly proud of their work.

Thank you all for your continued dedication and excellence!

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