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Rotary Motion Extended Array Synthesis (R-MXAS)

John Kendra
Leidos, Inc.

2_D virtual array

A large virtual RF aperture is established via a rotating tether affording capability leaps in space-based imaging 1-D sparse real array on a rigid tether and a tethered rotating antenna element continuously create a very large 2-D virtual array. Ultimate array size is limited only by feasibility constraints on length of rigid tether.

Potential mission applications include:

  • Persistent (GEO-based) RF earth imaging (for soil moisture, ocean salinity, surface temp., sea surface wind, etc.)
  • Mapping coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from a solar polar orbit
  • Any RF remote sensing applications requiring an extra-large aperture

Major tasks

  • Concept Validation and Performance Modeling
  • Alternative Approaches Evaluation
  • Mission Analysis for Technology Application

2018 Phase I and Phase II Selections