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Reducing Exposure to Galactic Cosmic Rays Challenge

Description of Challenge: NASA continues to look for ways to reduce astronauts’ exposure to Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) while on long duration deep space missions. Currently, exposure to GCR limits mission duration to approximately 150 days while a mission to Mars would take 500 days; thus any further meaningful human deep space exploration missions depend on finding a solution to this problem. Indeed, even travelling to Mars requires a solution to this problem. This challenge, launched on the NASA Innovation Pavilion, aimed to find a better way to protect humans from the effects of “Galactic Cosmic Rays” (GCR) when traveling outside the Earth’s protective Van Allen Belts.

Awards Available:  $29,000

Challenge Launch Date: 4/30/15

Challenge Close Date: 6/29/15  

Challenge Results:

Challenge Summary - Galactic Cosmic Ray

Challenge Summary – Galactic Cosmic Ray (PDF)

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