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NASA Space Technology Research Fellows—2014 Class

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Research Topic

Albertson, Theodore
California Institute of Technology
Microfluidic Array of Externally Fed Electrospray Thrusters for Micro-Propulsion

Andersen, Allen
Utah State University
Enhanced Predictions of Time to Critical Dielectric Breakdown of Materials under Prolonged Exposure to Space Plasma Environments

Aziz, Jonathan
University of Colorado, Boulder
Low-Thrust Many-Revolution Trajectory Optimization

Bartels, Joseph
Carnegie Mellon University
Roving in the Permanently Shadowed Regions of Planetary Bodies

Bennett, Trevor
University of Colorado, Boulder
Electrostatic Detumble of Space Objects

Bertagne, Christopher
Texas A&M University
Variable Geometry Radiators Using Shape Memory Alloys

Betancourt-Martinez, Gabriele
University of Maryland, College Park
Focal Plane Development for the Transition-Edge EBIT Microcalorimeter Spectrometer

Blette, David
Georgia Institute of Technology
Vehicle Staging Analysis of the Transition to Supersonic Retropropulsion during Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing

Bodenschatz, Cameron
Clemson University
A Combined Density Functional Theory and Monte Carlo Approach for Quantifying Catalytic Energies in a Liquid Environment

Chait, Sean
Georgia Institute of Technology
Small Satellite Proximity Operations Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bed Development

Chaudhuri, Saptarshi
Stanford University
Quantum-Limited Amplifiers for Detector Arrays on NASA’s Inflation Probe

Dale, Ethan
University of Michigan
Investigation of the Hall effect thruster breathing mode and spoke mode instabilities in the very near field

Dane, Andrew
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors for High-Data-Rate Deep-Space Optical Communication

Friesen, Jeffrey
University of California, San Diego
Modular Joints for Soft Robots

Friss, Adam
Colorado State University
Cavity Enhanced Thomson Scattering Diagnostic for Electron Measurements in Weakly Ionized Discharges

Goldfinger, David
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Micro-X High Resolution X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer

Hall, Scott
University of Michigan
Characterization of a 100-kW Three Channel Nested Hall Thruster

Harrington, Kathleen
Johns Hopkins University
Polarized Microwave Background Technologies for Inflationary Gravitational Wave Detection

Hayes, Kathryn
Vanderbilt University
Establishing a quantitative relationship between ion and pulsed-laser induced single event soft errors in advanced semiconductor devices

Headrick, Robert
Rice University
Scalable solution processing of pristine carbon nanotubes for self-assembled, tunable materials with direct application to space technologies

Higdon, Kyle
University of Texas at Austin
Application of the MCMC Method for the Calibration of DSMC Parameters to NASA EAST Results for Ionizing, Radiating Hypersonic FLows

Holquist, Jordan
University of Colorado, Boulder
Direct Generation of Oxygen via Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in an Ionic Liquid

Holt, Joshua
SUNY, College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Resistive memory devices for radiation resistant non-volatile memory

Iacchetta, Alexander
University of Rochester
Astro-Interferometric Modeling and Spatio-Spectral Reconstruction

Jenett, Benjamin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topological Optimization and Automated Construction for Lightweight Structures

Johnson, Steven
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Automated Task Monitoring, Feedback and Training for Critical Missions

Kruse, Corey
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Heat Transfer Enhancement and Thermal Management for Space Applications Employing Femtosecond Laser Processed Metallic Surfaces with Micro/Nanostructures

Ku, Li Yang
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Integration of Robotic Perception and Action

Lasota, Przemyslaw
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Developing an Adaptive Robotic Assistant for Close-Proximity Human-Robot Interaction in Space Environments

Leibowitz, Matthew
California Institute of Technology
Hypervelocity Expansion Tube Studies of Blunt Body Aerothermodynamics in CO2

Li, Richard
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hierarchical Composites with Nanostructured Reinforcement for Multifunctional Aerospace Structures

Markon, Ian
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Characterization of Printed Components Under Space Conditions

Meier, Eric
Purdue University
Flame Propagation in a Dump Combustor with Shear Layer Excitation

Mela, Christopher
University of Akron
A Miniature Multimodal Imaging System for Medical Diagnostics and Interventions in Space

Mousavi, Aliyeh
Stanford University
Development of a mechanically versatile bioreactor system as a cellular microgravity countermeasure for regenerative medicine applications

Olson, Aaron
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Lunar Volatiles Extraction Technology for Future Fusion Power and Multi-Outpost Scale Human Space Exploration

Otis, Richard
Pennsylvania State University
Computational design of an additive manufacturing process to produce tailorable, multifunctional gradient alloys

Owens, Andrew
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantifying the Value of Resilience in Long-Duration Space Systems

Pendleton, Megan
University of California, Berkeley
Ductility of Individual Trabeculae as a Measurement of Bone Quality to Predict Risk of Fracture

Plucinsky, Paul
California Institute of Technology
Liquid Crystal Elastomer Membranes and the Wrinkling Instability

Richardson, Ian
Washington State University
Hydrogen-Helium Mixtures: Fundamental Measurements, Neutral Droplet Buoyancy, Evaporation, and Boiling

Riesing, Kathleen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Design of a Laser Communications Module for Small Satellites

Riggs, A J Eldorado
Princeton University
Optimal Electric Field Estimation for Exoplanet Imaging Observatories in Space

Sidor, Adam
Georgia Institute of Technology
Development of Conformal Ablative Thermal Protection Material and Fabrication Process

Stanchfield, Sara
University of Pennsylvania
Developing Kinetic Inductance Detectors for the Balloon‐borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope –BLAST

Storey, Jedediah
Florida Institute of Technology
Experimental, Numerical and Analytical Characterization of Slosh Dynamics Applied to In-Space Propellant Storage, Management, and Transfer

Swenson, Travis
Stanford University
Leveraging Chaos in Continuous Thrust Trajectory Design

Tabib, Wennie
Carnegie Mellon University
Automated Precision Maneuvering and Landing in Extreme and Constrained Environments

Talmor, Michal
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Study of Micro/Nano Scale EDH-Driven Flow Distribution Control and Heat Transfer Enhancement for Thermal Control Systems

Truong, Hieu
Texas A&M University
Creating and Understanding Hybrid Interfaces of Multifunctional Composite Laminates for Extreme Environments

Vadhavkar, Nikhil
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Modular portable life support system (PLSS) to increase EVA mobility and reduce consumables

Vecchioni, Simon
Columbia University
BioWires: DNA-based nanowires for conductivity-enhanced, self-assembling nanoelectronics

Watterson, Michael
University of Pennslyvania
Monocular SLAM for Smart SPHERES

Willits, Jared
Purdue University
Performance Characterization of Alternative Hypergolic Propellants