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NASA Experiment Attachment System (EAS) Challenge

Description of Challenge: ​ NASA challenges you to design an attachment system for an ISS habitation experiment. 

The ISS is a low Earth orbiting research laboratory that is home to six crew members and many experiments. The ISS is also used as a platform to test future spacecraft systems. Although the ISS has standard interfaces to house many types of experiments, some experiments require unique attachment mechanisms.

The overall function of the Experiment Attachment System (EAS) is to attach a future experiment of set volume and mass to seat track interfaces in the ISS. The experiment will be mounted to a plate and the EAS will need to interface with the experiment plate and the seat track. The EAS will need to raise the plate 8.65 inches above the seat track interface.

Award Available:  $3,000 

Challenge Launch Date:  03/07/16

Challenge Close Date:  04/10/16

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Challenge Results:


Experiment Attachment System Challenge Results (1.12 MB)