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NASA Challenge: A Common Restraint and Mobility Aid System for Multiple Gravity Environments

In microgravity, astronauts need hand rails, foot holds, and work area restraints. In gravity, astronauts may need safety railings, steps or ladders, particularly for large, multi-deck habitats. NASA needs a common solution: a single system that will restrain crew members in microgravity, while being unobtrusive in gravity; that will enable astronauts to translate between decks on the Moon or Mars, but not be a passageway obstruction in microgravity. The same system must be effective in any gravity field: 0g, 1/6g, 3/8g, and 1g with no reconfiguration. 

Award: 1st Place – $3000; 2nd Place – $2000; 3rd Place – $1000; 4th Place – $750; 5th Place – $250

Open Date: July 6, 2020

Close Date: August 17, 2020

Frequency: Once

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