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Human Rated Spacecraft 3D Printing Process Animation

Description: The thermal protection and passive thermal system Technical Discipline Leads (TDL) at the Johnson Space Center are in need of a visual aide and short concept demonstration animation that shows a new automated manufacturing process, using robotic additive manufacturing methods, being pursued for development as part of the effort to address the existing technical gaps for future human exploration missions.

The 3D rendering of the envisioned concept, with short animations showing the printing process of a spacecraft thermal protection heat shield and pressure vessel (see guidance below), will help the TDL’s convey the ideas to NASA management, universities and private companies for funding and partnership opportunities in this development endeavor.

Sponsoring/Partner Organizations:  NASA JSC/ES – Structural Engineering Division

Benefits of Participation/Awards Available:  $3,000 

Open Date:  7/16/2018

Close Date:  8/24/18

Frequency:  Once

For more information:  GrabCAD NASA Challenge: Human Rated Spacecraft 3D Printing Process Animation