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Dr. Kamlesh Lulla, Senior Scientist

At NASA, our people are as diverse as our mission. It’s this diversity of thought that fosters innovation and groundbreaking ideas. We’re celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by highlighting NASA employees who share our passion for exploration!
How long have you worked for NASA?

Kamlesh Lulla

I have served as a NASA senior scientist for 31 years.

What do you do at NASA? 

I have served in senior (chief) scientific roles for Earth Observations and Remote Sensing in the Space Shuttle Program, International Space Station Program and also served as director for the University Collaborations and Partnership Office at Johnson Space Center. I am working on innovative technologies that would enable us to advance human exploration of the lunar surface.

Why did you choose NASA? What makes you stay here?

I chose NASA to be a part of exciting space exploration initiatives that benefit all human-kind. I have spent 31 years here because NASA’s core mission to generate new knowledge is very important to me.

Why is working in a diverse environment critical to our mission?

NASA encourages diversity in all possible ways- that is NASA’s strength.

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