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Doing Business with Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility

Plum Brook test to qualify a new horizontal pyrotechnic separation system
Test to qualify a new horizontal pyrotechnic separation system which blows the two fairing halves apart during flight. This is the primary payload fairing used on all Ariane 5 Launch vehicle flights. Credits: NASA

Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility is the home of four world-class test facilities operated by NASA’s Glenn Research Center and available for use by research customers interested in planning and scheduling test programs and related activities.

Located in Sandusky, Ohio, the test facility offers customers the following features:

  • World’s largest space test chamber
  • World’s most powerful reverberant acoustic test capability
  • World’s largest electromagnetic effects capability
  • World’s most powerful mechanical vibration capability
  • World’s biggest hydrogen-capable space test chamber
  • World’s only space chamber able to fire a rocket engine at altitude
  • World’s largest space electric propulsion capability
  • World’s largest clean air hypersonic test capability
  • World’s biggest space chamber able to handle lunar and planetary dust and soil

Our mission is to assure safe, cost-effective, responsive and reliable performance of research testing for NASA, other government agencies and the private sector. Engineers at Neil Armstrong Test Facility perform unique, complex and innovative ground tests per the customer’s requirements. We believe direct contact with the test customer is critical to establish a successful working relationship.

The potential test customer provides the basic test requirements to the program manager, who establishes the objective and requirements of the test program, identifies the most suitable test site, and develops a cost estimate. If it is mutually agreed upon to proceed with the test program, this process will be continued with the development of a formal work plan.

Located about 50 miles west of Cleveland, Neil Armstrong Test Facility sits on 6,400 acres of land, which provides the required large clear zone areas to safely conduct aerospace testing with large quantities of liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and other cryogens as well as high energy test facilities.

Neil Armstrong Test Facility is accessible by water through the St. Lawrence Seaway to Lake Erie, by air via the 9,000-foot runway at Lahm Airport in Mansfield, Ohio, and is adjacent to Interstates 80/90.

Contact Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility for more information.