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Collaborate with CoECI: Federal Agencies

NASA assists other federal agencies in the use of crowdsourced challenges to solve tough, mission-critical problems. The NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) guides these teams on all aspects of implementing challenge-based initiatives, from problem definition to incentive design and post-submission evaluation of solutions. This end-to-end service has allowed and continues to allow other agencies to rapidly experiment with these new methods before standing up their own crowdsourcing capabilities.

Contact the team at to discuss how NTL could support your agency.

Services offered:

Assisted Acquisition – Use an existing NTL contract by establishing an Interagency Agreement with NASA

Required forms:



Graphic explaining the process other federal agencies must work through to partner with the NASA Tournament Lab

Crowd-based solutions available through our contracts:

  • Technical Solutions – Technical ideas, concepts, conceptual designs, detailed designs, technologies, prototypes, hardware, etc. that solve part or all of a specified requirement.
  • Multimedia – Graphic art, logos, animations, videos, storyboards, voiceovers, music, writing/copy, etc.
  • Data Science – Machine learning algorithms, mathematical algorithms/models, data sets (gathered, validated, or cleaned/improved), etc.
  • Software – Conceptual designs, architectures, requirements/specifications, operations ceoncepts/use cases, user interface designs/wireframes, sofware/application code, testing/bug hunt/validation reports, simulators/emulators, users guides/documentation, etc.
  • Engineering Design – Computer aided design (CAD) digital files that provide design models and details for physical/technical systems including mechanical or electrical design elements.
  • Crowd Program Formulation – Recommended approaches or plans for the formulation and execution of organizational programs that leverage crowdsourcing as a tool for accessing expertise, skills, or products.
  • Public Engagement Campaign – Executed campaigns, programs, or events that engage the public in various technical aspects of government efforts to provide task support, promote STEM education, and/or public interest and support.
  • Technology Scouting – Identify hard-to-find emerging or existing technology that meets specific needs/requirements.

Consultation – Whether your agency is interested in running a challenge or looking to establish its own crowdsourcing program, contact us to schedule a consultation. We can share lessons learned, discuss your goals, and help you develop a culture of innovation at your agency.

Why partner with the NASA Tournament Lab?

  • Cost-efficient and streamlined access to 20+ of the top commercial companies specializing in challenge design, management, and administration without having to issue your own contract. CoECI staff manage the contract award for you and provide  the contracting officer & COR, thereby reducing barriers to negotiating and securing such services.
  • Offloading of the heavy lift of challenge marketing, advertising, and outreach onto an experienced vendor.
  • Access to curated communities of potential solvers with the high-value skillsets you need without having to build your solver base from scratch.
  • Use of online challenge platforms that can manage participant registration, submission, and communication, and provide a portal for judges.
  • Support from the CoECI team with experience supporting dozens of federal agencies running 400+ challenges.
  • A CoECI project coordinator assigned to guide you every step of the way.