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Prediction of Microstructure Evolution in DMLM processed Inconel 718 with Part Scale Simulation

Albert To
University of Pittsburgh

ESI 2016 To Quad Chart

The goal of this project is to develop part-scale process-microstructure simulation tool to predict the microstructure evolution of Inconel 718 processed by powder bed laser fusion process. To achieve this goal, research efforts will be focused on (1) incorporating materials thermokinetics into thermal modeling for cyclic superheating and supercooling processes; (2) developing a new integrated phase transformation and grain texture model to predict microstructure evolution under complex heating and cooling cycles with high fidelity; (3) exploring simultaneous time scale parallelization and adaptive meshing to accelerate thermal modeling for part-scale process simulation. These innovations will lead to a robust simulation toolkit capable of predicting microstructure in an as-fabricated AM part given the process parameters.