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NASA Spark


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NASA Spark is an internal, agency-wide platform that provides NASA employees an unconventional and inventive way to share knowledge and advance projects. NASA Spark fosters collaboration across the entire NASA community through interactive discussion and problem-solving.

If someone within the agency has a problem and needs to garner a broader pool of expertise, they can create a campaign calling for ideas, proposals, projects, volunteers, etc. Anyone in the NASA Spark community can participate. As an added bonus, some of the best solutions may be offered prizes as chosen by the campaign owner.

Collaboration is fundamental to NASA’s success and finding solutions to some of our biggest challenges; NASA Spark makes that just a little easier.

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Our Community

Our community is made up of two key groups:

  1. Campaign Owners: Post a campaign and present a problem. The NASA community may have the idea you need.
  2. Solvers: Put your expertise to even greater use by submitting solutions to NASA Spark campaigns. Your contributions foster collaboration within the agency and advance our work.

Got a Campaign?

Your problem might be a good NASA Spark campaign if:

  • It can be answered in a short amount of time. The topic is specific, detailed and focused so solvers can provide efficient solutions.
  • You own the problem. You and your organization have a direct need and are committed to taking action.

The most successful campaigns generate new ideas, develop a new concept, add structure or increase access to information.

Brought to you by the NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation