About the Office of the Chief Knowledge Office (OCKO)

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About the Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer (OCKO)

The Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer (OCKO) is responsible for assuring that the Center operates as a learning organization. It is responsible for policy and guidance on Lessons Learned, Knowledge Management and Learning Practices. The OCKO provides the Center with knowledge management services and support facilitating the application of knowledge and enhancing Goddard’s development as a learning organization. 

The role of the OCKO is to design, develop and deploy meaningful learning activities that augment individual learning, sharing and collaboration. The focus of OCKO initiatives is local learning practices that benefit NASA personnel in tangible ways through enlarging the understanding of how NASA works, presenting case studies that make for effective learning across multiple projects, facilitating reflective learning from current experiences and sharing acquired knowledge with Goddard, NASA and the public. 

One of the office’s primary activities is the Road to Mission Success (RTMS) workshop series, which gives upcoming Goddard leaders an integrated perspective on mission success, from procurement and administration to science and mission operations. The office also conducts Knowledge Sharing Workshops, which provide discussion forums on relevant topics or recently launched Goddard Missions. The OCKO has produced a number of case studies to enhance participants' learning in the Road to Mission Success workshop series and other Knowledge Sharing Workshops. The cases are also available for use in NASA wide and other center training. Finally, the OCKO developed the Pause & Learn (PaL) process as a facilitated team meeting for reflective learning. PaLs are often used to informally transfer individual lessons about a specific project event within a rich context of discussion.

The OCKO is led by Dr. Edward W. Rogers, Goddard’s Chief Knowledge Officer.
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