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October 21, 2003
NASA - Dryden Flight Research Center - News Room: News Releases: NASA DISPLAYS HIGHLIGHT 100 YEARS OF FLIGHT AT EDWARDS OPEN HOUSE


October 21, 2003

Release: 03-55

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Note to Editors: NASA Dryden Flight Research Center highlights this year's Centennial of Flight with exhibits and aircraft at the Edwards Air Force Base Open House and Air Show this Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25 and 26. NASA is an official Centennial Partner approved by the United States Centennial of Flight Commission.

A key part of the NASA Dryden display in Hangar 1600 this year will be portions of the NASA Centennial of Flight exhibit, which showcases NASA's historic and current contributions to aeronautics and space technology. The national exhibit that has been traveling around the country to different air shows and celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first powered flight on Dec. 17, 2003.

NASA's revered B-52B carrier aircraft that has launched many research vehicles such as the historic hypersonic X-15 rocket plane and the modified Boeing 747 Space Shuttle carrier aircraft will be on display on the Edwards flight line. In addition, NASA's F/A-18 Active Aeroelastic Wing research aircraft will be on display in Hangar 1414 adjoining a replica of the Wright Flyer and an Air Force F/A-22.

A Space Shuttle cockpit mockup used to train rescue personnel in emergency evacuation of shuttle astronauts in case of a mishap will be on display. Two other mockups, a full-sized, 12-foot-long X-43A and 80 percent scale version of the X-37 reusable space access technology demonstrator, will also be in view. The NASA Dryden exhibit will also feature one of the center's F/A-18 mission support aircraft and the historic M2-F1 prototype lifting body.

The exhibit will also include a gift shop where NASA aeronautics and space memorabilia can be purchased, a photo booth where visitors can have a photo taken of themselves superimposed over a NASA space suit, and a demonstration of a pressure suit and life-support equipment used by pilots on high-altitude flights. Several NASA Dryden research pilots will be available to discuss their research projects and sign autographs both days of the event.

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