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February 6, 2003
NASA - Dryden Flight Research Center - News Room: News Releases: COLUMBIA DEBRIS AND IMAGES REPORTING INFORMATION


February 6, 2003

Release: 03-09

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NASA has established telephone hotlines and electronic mail addresses for the public to use for reporting information that may help investigators studying the Shuttle Columbia accident.

Anyone who discovers debris from the accident or who has film or video evidence that may be of value to the investigation team is urged to use these contacts. Avoid touching any debris, because it may be hazardous as a result of toxic propellants or pyrotechnic devices that were aboard the Shuttle.

Telephone reports should be directed to the following numbers:

(281) 483-3388 or (936) 699-1032

Text reports and images should be e-mailed to:

columbiaimages@nasa.gov or nasamitimages@jsc.nasa.gov

Debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia may be dangerously contaminated with toxic substances and cause serious injury if handled. Individuals who think they may have come in contact with Shuttle debris should take a shower with soap and water and then seek medical attention.

Individuals are advised to avoid all additional contact with the suspected Shuttle material. Clothing that may have come in contact with the suspected debris should be removed with care to avoid skin contact with cloth that may have been contaminated. Place the clothing in a plastic bag for later analysis.

If your physician has any questions, please have him or her contact the NASA Emergency Action Center at (281) 483-3388.

All debris is U.S. Government property and is critical to the investigation of the mishap. All debris from the accident is to be left alone and reported to Government authorities. Unauthorized persons found in possession of accident debris will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


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