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Langley Engagement Opportunities

Langley exhibit area display
NASA Langley Research Center's outreach and exhibits program.
Credits: NASA

Speaker’s Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is a volunteer organization made up of civil servants, contractors, and retirees who represent NASA as speakers. They address civic, professional, educational, and other non-profit organizations.

Speakers are provided, when available, at no cost. They may not accept outside compensation or honoraria, but travel costs for speaking engagements requiring out-of-town travel (over 50 miles) and/or overnight accommodations are usually borne by the requesting organization.

NASA speakers do not participate in events of a political or commercial nature or where any group has been unlawfully secluded or segregated on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.


Want to add a touch of NASA excitement to your next museum exhibition? Need hands-on models to demonstrate aeronautics and space themes to your class?

The NASA Langley Research Center’s traveling exhibits program makes exhibits, displays and artifacts available for use on short-term and long-term loans to museums, schools and other education-based organizations.

If you’re interested in having NASA at your event, you can contact us at

Request a NASA Astronaut Appearance

The Astronaut Appearances Office in Houston, Texas coordinates and arranges astronaut appearances for astronauts who are actively employed by NASA.

NASA astronauts appear before a variety of groups to inform the public about the U.S. space program. Typically, presentations are made to high schools and universities, community organizations, businesses and associations, or military organizations. NASA astronauts welcome the opportunity to speak with audiences around the world to share information about the United States Space Program and human space exploration. Each year, NASA receives close to 1,000 astronaut appearance requests from schools, universities, community organizations, businesses, professional associations, and military organizations.

Appearance requests are evaluated carefully to ensure that astronauts attend events organized to educate audiences.

Solar System Ambassadors

The NASA Solar System Ambassadors program is a public engagement effort that works with motivated volunteers across the nation to communicate the science and excitement of NASA’s space exploration missions and discoveries with the people in their communities.

Find and contact your local Solar System Ambassador. There’s at least one in every state!