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This is a photo of a Blue Moon appearing over NASA Langley's wind tunnels.
A special Blue Moon hanging over NASA Langley.
Credits: NASA / David C. Bowman

At the NASA Langley Research Center, partnerships are an important element of mission success across Aeronautics, Earth Science and Space Exploration. We have a long history of forging strategic, diverse partnerships with industry, academia and other government agencies to achieve center goals, agency missions and national priorities.

Collaborations and partnerships are vital to advancing our research. Working together we can reduce research and development costs, expand capabilities, accelerate solutions to technical challenges and create new products.

Strategic Partnerships connect NASA researchers and external parties to leverage unique government resources and expertise leading to collaborations for mutual benefit.  We match NASA capabilities with partner needs.  In the process, we gain an understanding of national needs and learn new methods for mutually advancing technology and missions.

NASA Langley is uniquely positioned to offer research capabilities of critical importance to the region and the nation in these areas:

  • On-Demand Mobility Technologies
  • Commercial Air Transport Technologies
  • Earth’s Atmospheric Composition
  • Lidar Remote Sensing Techniques
  • Entry, Descent & Landing Systems
  • Advanced Space Structures
  • Autonomous In-Space Assembly & Manufacturing

Regionally, we also foster alliances with organizations to advance the commercialization of Unmanned Aerial Systems and smaller, lower-cost scientific payloads such as small satellites.

Strategic partnerships often require a Space Act Agreement which allows NASA’s missions and programs access to technologies and capabilities that are not part of NASA’s core competencies.

The Partnerships team serves as our primary entry point for prospective partners to explore opportunities with NASA Langley. We listen to your needs, convey information about NASA capabilities and programs that match those needs and connect you to the right technical resources for a more in-depth dialogue.  We also help develop requirements and facilitate the negotiation of agreements allowing use of NASA’s unique expertise, facilities, data and technologies.

To learn more about how NASA can help your organization achieve its goals, please contact our office at (757) 864-3000 or

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